Story Mark

What is a StoryMark?

  1. Picture that's no longer silent, but one
    that speaks volumes about a personal
    experience captured in time.
  1. Medium of expression that brings
    images and voice together to tell a
    more compelling story and leave a
    mark for time.

  1. Action of sharing a StoryMark (or
    Mark for short) to celebrate a special
    moment, memorialize an event or
    communicate something with
    great conviction or authority.
  • Story Mark Record
  • Story Mark Record
  • Story Mark Record

Pictures That Tell
Your Story.


Take a Photo

or choose one already in your library.


Record a

to attach to your photo.


Share It

in an email, on Facebook,
Twitter, SMS and YouTube
if you choose.

"With Instagram you can share photos. With SoundCloud, you can share
audio recordings. With StoryMark, you can share both."
– MediaBistro APPNEWSER